Twice each year, Journeyman Distillery welcomes 75 regional artisans to its historic, 19th-century factory space. There, among stills and soaring windows overlooking the quaintest of small towns, Midwest makers showcase handcrafted home goods, jewelry, clothing, food, and art. The combination of craft inherent in the building, the wares, the cocktails, and the tasty locally-sourced food easily elevate the market from shopping excursion to experience. A weekend-long event, there’s plenty of time to shop, admire, and get to know some fine folks inspired to make things by hand.

Local Tip: Connoisseurs of fried dough—we know you’re out there—prepare to be delighted. The super fresh, minimally adorned doughnuts made in the Staymaker kitchen are delicious, and a rare find in the current landscape of topping-focused treats. Perfect paired with whiskey.


Saturday & Sunday – first weekend in April & weekend before Thanksgiving


Journeyman Distillery
109 Generations Drive
Three Oaks, MI  49128
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