We’ve got a lot to say about this charming agricultural adventure, but for short attention spans, we’ll cut to the chase. Baby cows are adorable. It’s absolutely reasonable to tour Shuler Dairy Farm just to pet the cows.

But for those a bit more ag-curious, we’ll elaborate. Shuler is a state-of-the-art, fifth-generation family farm centered on the belief that happy cows produce more milk. With that simple premise, Bill and Carolyn Shuler, along with sons Bill and Wyatt, set out to redesign their centennial farm with modern technologies to maximize comfort. In a uniquely bright, sunny barn, enormous fans and misters keep the ladies cool, fresh, and fly-free. Nutritious food and water are available 24/7. And automatic massage brushes stand by for on-demand rubdowns. Best of all, cows at Shuler decide for themselves when it’s time to be milked, volunteering to enter robotic stalls that feed the ladies treats while getting the job done. Shuler cows even wear a type of Fitbit to monitor exercise and vital health factors. As Carolyn says, ‘the girls come first.’

Bill Sr. frequently leads the tours—a sweet, smart man with a genuine warmth that makes sense in the context of such a compassionate operation. Eager to share what he’s learned with a pack of toddlers or industry professionals from around the world, his enthusiasm for mutual care and benefit is infectious and a total delight. And so is the ice cream. Hormone and antibiotic-free, of course.

Local Tip: Pre or post-tour, head to nearby cafe The Local in tiny downtown Baroda for a super fresh and tasty meal.


Shuler Dairy Farms
10823 Date Road
Baroda, MI 49101

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