First and foremost, Flagship is a top-notch seafood market with an impressive selection of fresh, ethically-sourced, and (only when it serves quality) properly frozen fish. Second, it’s a destination for tasty ready-to-eat meals for lunch and dinner. Think flavor-rich entrees, rustic sandwiches, and savory sides. And third, it’s a little gourmet shop with fine cheeses, caviar, spreads, baguette, blini, and sweet treats. Add fresh oysters and you’re set for cocktail time. Hard to believe all this culinary goodness can come from a humble roadside kitchen? Meet the captain, Rachel Collins. Knowledgeable, fun, and always ready with a sample, Rachel’s unbridled enthusiasm for great food and quality ingredients is the north star of many delicious meals.

Local Tip: Everything here is so good that we have to call out the potentially overlooked turkey sandwich. With sage-roasted whole turkey breast, cranberry mayo, crisp lettuce, and the freshest bread, it’s probably the simplest item on the menu and day-after-Thanksgiving delish.


Flagship Specialty Foods & Fish Market
14939 Red Arrow Hwy
Lakeside, MI 49116

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