It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that some people—designers and the design-minded—plan entire trips to the lakeshore just to visit Sojourn. Named among Dwell magazine’s Best Independent Design Shops, Sojourn is a destination home store with a truly distinctive aesthetic. An expert blend of vintage, modern, minimal, and layered, founder Stacia Garriott Kass renders a look that’s light, warm, rustic, and refined—perfectly imperfect in the absolute best way.

The clever storefront remodel alone offers plenty of inspiration. A decade ago, this was a building long overdue for some love. But that’s just the beginning. Beyond noteworthy architectural moves, find a beautifully curated collection of contemporary and vintage ceramics, textiles, jewelry, apothecary, furniture, and art. Most made by hand and thus, one-of-a-kind, produced by artisans from across the country Stacia admires and often befriends. Bari Ziperstein, Beth Katz, and Giselle Hicks to name just a few.

We love the warmth and sincere respect expressed for makers at Sojourn. Whether browsing or buying, you’re likely to leave feeling you’ve discovered someone or something that inspires you.

Local Tip: Stacia has a special place in her heart for the printed page, too. The selection of coffee table books and independent magazines is really well-considered, and not easily found elsewhere.

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12908 Red Arrow Highway
Sawyer, MI 49125

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