Goods & Heroes is a shop rich with intention. The passion project of creative director Suzanna Bierwirth, everything from a little letterpress greeting card to the perfect leather jacket earns its place by satisfying the formidable curiosity of the shopkeeper.

Who made this? Where? How? And even more interesting—why?

Here, those stories are shared by way of small-label men’s and women’s clothing, shoes, and bags. Artisan-crafted jewelry, apothecary, and home goods. And of course, true to Suzanna’s inquiring mind, books. All sourced with the seasoned eye of someone who’s spent decades pondering and producing good design.

Beautifully styled with a comfy lounge at its center, Goods & Heroes invites a hang. Stop by for tales of ‘the heroes of the modern marketplace.’ Or share a few of your own! The folks here are friendly, informed, and ever interested.

Local Tip: Goods & Heroes is our first stop when shopping for a gift. Regardless of budget, we always find something clever and unique.

Note: G&H has moved to an amazing new space! Updated photos and write-up coming in June.



Goods & Heroes
104 N Elm Street
Three Oaks, MI  49128

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