Launched in 2021, NBX Concerts are our take on small club shows for the lakeshore. Diverse, innovative artists, intimate venues, and folks with a shared appreciation for discovering something new. When we get it right, as uncomplicated and essential as they are unexpected.

Join us as we celebrate sound and place, and the simple joy of gathering around great music.

A minimal terracotta and olive graphic promoting a Minor Moon concert at New Buffalo Marina.


Minor Moon is the songwriting and bandleading vehicle for Chicago’s Sam Cantor. Adored for feel-good indie/country/alt-rock, the band weaves equal parts warmth, grit, and psychedelia over which Sam’s gentle lyricism rides. His evocative storytelling, conveyed via lush harmonies and rich instrumentation, shapes music at once timeless and contemporary. Fresh off a US tour promoting their new album, The Light Up Waltz, the band has been celebrated as ‘sharp, sublime, and irresistible (PopMatters) and for Cantor’s ‘soothing, sure-footed tenderness (Chicago Reader).

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A minimal maroon and mauve graphic promoting Finom's concert at Vickers Theatre.


Finom—songwriting duo Sima Cunningham and Macie Stewart— exists at the vanguard of Chicago art rock. Each wielding a guitar and vocal mic and backed by the savvy drumming of Spencer Tweedy, the pair have churned out a singular strain of unflinchingly direct yet enchantingly playful indie pop for nearly a decade. ‘Virtuosic and wildly inventive’ (Pitchfork), their voices and guitars braid to form an intricate tapestry that challenges conventions and invites listeners into an imaginative and provocative sonic world. Join us as they present their brand new, Jeff Tweedy-produced album Not God.

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Minimal teal and terracotta graphic promoting a Matt Ulery Nonet concert at Warren Hall in Three Oaks, Michigan.


Since the release of his monumental double LP By A Little Light (2012), composer/bassist/bandleader Matt Ulery has quietly established himself as an icon at the intersection of Chicago jazz and contemporary composition. His latest, Mannerist (2023), takes his work to new heights, elegantly orchestrating a cohort of woodwinds and brass over his core trio of bass, piano (Paul Bedal), and drums (John Deitemyer). While ‘calm with a soulful undertow’ and ‘a tour-de-force crash course on everything Duke Ellington and Charles Mingus’ (All About Jazz), perhaps our favorite aspect of Ulery’s compositions is the cool, confident, sheer beauty. Hear Matt Ulery and his nine-piece ensemble at this very special one-night appearance at Warren Hall.

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