An eclectic collection of art, furniture, and home décor

When asked about the curious name of his home store, owner Marco Chavarry has a few stories to tell. One about a made-up word born over drinks with a friend. Another about his Peruvian surname, a word of Basque origin that just so happens to mean ‘new house.’ And a third about his belief that our homes are meant to evolve with us. How one edit, one item—be it a plant, a pillow, or a piece of art—can make a space fresh and new. Just right for whoever we are at the moment.

That playful appreciation for change is the premise behind Alapash, an eclectic collection of home goods curated to inspire by way of contrast. High and low, old and new, muted and bold—the mix inclines us to shop slowly, to really consider what we like and why. All the while remaining approachable and fun. Because while life can be serious, Marco doesn’t think shopping should be. Sometimes a single scented candle is just the ticket.

Stop in to browse global textiles, furniture, art, lighting, ceramics, and a fantastic selection of plants and planters. The collection changes often, so repeat visits are a must.

Local Tip: A beloved Chicago shopkeeper for almost ten years before arriving in Three Oaks, Marco has one of the best urban expat stories we’ve heard—a true testament to how a place can inspire leaps of faith. He tells it best so if you’re curious, be sure to ask.


Alapash New Home
14 N Elm Street
Three Oaks, MI 49128

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