As fate would have it, the former post office in a town settled by Swedes is now home to Stockholm Objects, a shop inspired by the Scandinavian lifestyle principle hygge. A celebration of simple pleasures and comfort, the collection includes men’s and women’s clothing, accessories, and home goods designed to be both beautiful and clever. Things you use and wear every day, but better.

Sourced from owner Annette and Reinhard Brinkmeier’s extensive travels throughout Europe and the US, this is the place you’re sure to find your favorite something — from candle to sweater to rug. Stop by for fika while you browse this little crossroads of style and culture.

Local Tip: SO is one of very few places artist Brian Overley shares his paintings. The fresh, unexpected setting is an ideal place to discover his distinctive neomodernist work.

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Stockholm Objects
13630 Red Arrow Hwy
Harbert, MI 49125

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